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High Education Level:

Boasting one of the highest levels of education in the world along with a serious learning atmosphere that diligent Japanese students create, Japanese institutions provide international students with the best academic environment in various popular fields such as; technology, business, fashion design, (digital) design and animation etc.

Low Tuition Costs:

Unlike many Western countries where tuition fees rise according to the level and prestige of a school, tuition in Japan is quite low. Even in top ranking schools, mostly public or national, tuition can be 1/3 or in private schools, 1/2 of that of US, British and Australian universities.

Job Opportunities:

Japanese schools allow their students to work part-time while keeping their student visa status. Furthermore, with the current population decrease, Japanese companies are eager to hire international students when -or sometimes even before- they graduate.

Functional and Reliable Public Transportation:

Japan's economic and social foundation is based on a full-functioning public transportation system meaning that students can rely on public transportation to move around. Traveling around in Japan is easy, even without a car.

Safe and Clean Country:

Japan is politically, socially and economically, a very stable nation. This makes Japan one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world. Students can focus on their studies and at the same time, enjoy a healthy, convenient and fun student life here in Japan.